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Giveaways & Competitions

Terms & Conditions

1. To claim any prizes, you must create an account on our website (click here) and add a delivery address if applicable. This is free and only takes around 2 minutes!

2. Prizes must be claimed by creating an account. This must be done within 2 weeks of the announcement on social media.

3. Any prizes include free domestic shipping. Prizes can be claimed worldwide, where a $20 international postage fee will apply.

4. We will endeavour to organise shipment of any prizes ASAP. However, please allow up to 2 weeks for your prize to be finalised.

5. If any cheating or foul play is suspected, Coral Tree may disqualify you from any competition or giveaway.

6. Coral Tree has the final say of winners of any giveaways or competitions.