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Blossom | Wooden Sunglasses

*Please note that we are closing down, and so no warranty can be provided with these products*

All of our frames are created in very small batches which maintains their quality, uniqueness and also allows to improve the design each time. Our wooden frames are smooth, soft and light. Seeing really is believing with our wood sunglasses.

Our Blossom range are our newest wooden sunglasses that have been designed in Australia with absolute exquisite quality in mind. All feature beautifully crafted layers of hardwood for added strength as well as sprung hinges that stretch to fit any face comfortably. We really believe these are the best wooden sunglasses that you can buy.

Each of the frames has a subtle cut at the side, enabling the user to change the lenses out for a new colour, or even for your personalised prescription.

Key features:

✔ Our best designed frames to date
✔ Top quality polarised CR39 lenses for exceptional optical clarity
✔ All come with a choice of lens colour
✔ Multiple hardwood layers as standard for extra strength and durability