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How to choose sunglasses that suit your face shape.

There comes a time in everyone's life where we must ask ourselves "what shape is my face?". So how do you find out what face shape you have, and what style of sunglasses will suit you best?

First, grab a mirror! Pull your hair back, or wear it as you normally do (if you always have your hair down, for example, then make sure your hair is down). Have a look at your face shape, going roughly to your hairline.

Try to ignore your neck and ears, and look at the overall shape of bare skin. Have a look below at our face shape pictures, and try to identify with one of them. If you aren't bald, don't worry - it works for everyone.

Face Shape Guide - how to choose sunglasses that suit your face

Now you know what face shape you have, check out our Styling Guide to find the sunnies that will suit you best.


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